Social Innovation Programme - Partner
A pro-bono consulting scheme for charities and social enterprises where you can have a team of students dedicated to your organisation over 6 weeks.
November - December, February - March, July- August
The Social Innovation Programme (SIP)
The Social Innovation Programme (SIP) provides a pro bono student consultancy service for charities and social enterprises. The programme entails a group of Kingston University students, recruited, managed and trained by Kingston Hub, completing a piece of consultancy work for small charities and social enterprises over the course of 6 weeks.
The SIP is designed to bring about a dual-positive outcome: to support organisations to improve their outcomes for user groups by increasing their capacity and providing new perspectives, and to create students who have a greater awareness of social issues and have had the practical experience to create a tangible impact in the future.
The SIP runs for 6 weeks In this time students work in teams to address a brief submitted by their partner organisation. The brief outlines a challenge currently faced by the organisation. We welcome all types of briefs as in the past we have had briefs from comms strategies to diversifying income streams.
There are three rounds for a year: November - December, February - March, July - August
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Minimum Commitment Guidelines
There is no fee to take part in the Social Innovation Programme, however we do have minimum commitment guidelines for partners to ensure both students and partners gain a valuable experience taking part in the SIP. These guidelines are below.
SIP partners will:
  • Attend the launch event for SIP
  • Invite students to volunteer with you/ visit your office at the start of the programme
  • Attend the showcase event
  • Keep in regular contact with you team (via a weekly face to face/ phone call/ skype meeting)
  • Take part in Kingston Hub's feedback processes
If you have any questions about the guidelines please get in touch with
How to get involved
If you are interested in being a SIP partner get contact Anita, to register your interest and she'll be in touch shortly.
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