Hack It Forward
Free 3 month tech development programme, recruiting students to use the power of technology to solve community issues.
What is Hack it Forward
Hack It forward is a free 3 month programme, working with charities and community organisations to harness the power of tech to solve community problems. Kingston Hub recruits teams of programming students to work on briefs put forward by charitable organisations.
We work with you to produce a brief for a gap you need to bridge in your organisation. Past briefs have included online community asset mapping, ways to incentivise local currency spending, and even a local treasure hunt game to promote community cohesion. From data- based websites to apps, the students will build your briefs from January to March 2017.
Commitment Guidelines
As this is a free service, we have a few commitment guidelines to ensure both you and the students get the most out of your experience with Hack it Forward.
  • Organisations will work with Kingston Hub to produce a brief which is challenging for the students taking part.
  • Organisations will act as the product owner, and fortnightly meet up with their student team to give regular feedback during scrums. This will only come upto 12 hours of staff time across 3 months.
    This ensures that the build can go smoothly with your regular input, creating a product which is usable for your organisation.
  • Organisations will attend the first event to meet their teams at Kingston University and a final demo event at Kingston University.
Not only will you have your new tech developments to help your mission and vision, but access to upcoming graduate tech talent, fresh and young perspectives as well as added capacity to your organisation.
Get Involved
We are collecting briefs now, so get in touch with [Sonia](mailto:sonia.kumari@kingstonhub.org for more details or to schedule a phone call.
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