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General FAQ's
What Support will I receive in this role?
You not only have the support from the whole Kingston Hub team, but also the other issues coordinators. This could be in the form of regular meetings, as well as getting help running events for your program when you need an extra pair of hands.
Can I do it in my second year?
As many of my lecturers told me, 2nd year is the best year to get involved in leadership positions. With Kingston Hub, the flexibility of committee roles allows you to serve effectively and be a great student in the process. academic wise, 2nd year is more demanding and the moral support from staff is superb!
Can I do it in my 3rd year?
Yes! 100% you can, I’ve done it in my final year and I’ve really enjoyed. At busy times it can get difficult if you’re not organised, but by relying on my fellow committee members and using the flexibility of the role it can be done with ease. For me, it was a great break from my studies while still feeling productive.
What will I learn? Will I be trained?
Yes you definitely will be trained! The support staff will teach you about your role and skill which can help you achieve that. If you feel like there’s still something you’re unsure of after training the support staff are always more than willing to help you.
Do I need experience in leadership to serve on the committee?
As there's a very good chance you will be leading in your capacity as a committee member, it's always good to have some experience as a leader. But in no way is it a requirement! Being part of the Hub is all about developing and growing as a person, and where better to gain leadership experience than at the Kingston Hub!
Do I have to have volunteered with Kingston Hub before entering this role?
No you do not need to have been a volunteer with the hub. once you have a passion for improving the social well being of others.
Is this role flexible around my studies?
This role is very flexible around your studies, you can tailor your responsibilities around your studies so neither of them can clash.
Specific Role FAQ's
President (Faustina Edward)
What will I do in this role?
Being the President of Kingston Hub is very exciting. one of your main roles will be to conduct weekly committee meetings to ensure everyone's getting along with their projects. Beyond that weekly commitment, you sort of float among the projects, providing pastoral care where needed (with events, training, lecture shout outs and more). also, because you don't have a specific project, you get to create one yourself!
How many hours per week does it require?
I would say between 3-8. every week, two hours are needed: one to chair the committee meeting and the other for a catch-up with the Kingston Hub Manager. any time after that varies. like any job, some weeks you have to put in more time, but the difference with Kingston Hub is the flexibility. your academic commitments come first, so if it's a busy week and you need help, just ask!
Vice-President (Mikail Javaid)
What will I do in this role?
Being the Vice-President of the Hub consists of supporting the activities of the President and deputizing when required, as well as working closely with the Issue Coordinators to plan and deliver their projects. In addition to this, you will have the chance to take a lead on organizing and running Student Volunteering Week - a nationwide event full of one-off volunteering opportunities for everyone to get involved in!
How many hours per week/month does it require?
It is important to discuss progress and the direction of the Hub on a regular basis, hence why it is important that there are weekly committee meetings which are imperative to attend. In addition to this, you will need to hold regular catch-ups with your Issue Coordinators as well as the Project Managers to ensure everything is going as epic as it can. But remember, it is important to know that academics always come first - which is why you'll always be able to take a bit of time off from your Hub duities when the work starts piling up!
SchoolsPlus Coordinator (Duncan Horvath)
What will I do in this role?
As Schools Plus Coordinator I was responsible for the recruitment and training of volunteers, leasing with different stakeholders, and making decisions which set the direction for the program.
How many hours a week does it require?
How many hours per week does it require?
This role usually requires a couple of hours a week, but it’s great as you can fit the role around your schedule. If it’s exam time you can do a bit less, or if you’re throwing an event one week you can decide to do more!
Local Action Coordinator (Celsey Stephens)
What will I do in this role?
Local action coordinator is all about running one off events across London, giving students a chance to volunteer and get involved even if they can’t commit to long term projects. So you will be planning your own events and trying to motivate students to come
How many hours?
Generally I think it requires around 4-8 hours a week but more often than not it’s the lower. Some times of the year are busier like student volunteer week but overall it’s very manageable.
LinkAges Coordinator (Donell Reid)
What will I do in this role?
Your role as the linkages coordinator will cover the following
  • Planning events
  • One-off volunteering
  • Supporting volunteers and committee members
How many hours a week/month does it require?
Generally 1 hour a week, but more if you're planning or hosting an event.
LinkYouth Coordinator (Safa Bhatti)
What will I do in this role?
This role involves talking and reaching out to community partners, expanding the project. Also organise workshops for the youth and to guide volunteers through the project.
How many hours a week/ month does this require?
You can decide how many hours to put in, especially during certain times in your studies. You can pretty much put in 2-3 hours a week, but that can increase or decrease to you choosing.
Faustina: "Organisation, organisation, organisation! At times, your role will be hectic (especially in the beginning of TB2 when it's deadline season). Making lists, writing dates down, planning and knowing when to ask for help ease the load."
Celsey: "My tip is don’t be afraid to ask your fellow committee members for help! You’re all there because you want to create something great and sometimes that takes a little helping hand :)"
Donell: Always be willing to ask for help when you're feeling overwhelmed or stress, from Committee members or Kingston Hub staff such as Clara. She's been very supportive throughout this process
Safa: Enjoy yourself and don't be afraid to put yourself out there.
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