## What is Coderdojo?

CoderDojo is an open source, volunteer-led global movement running free coding clubs for youngsters. Dojos provide opportunities to learn how to develop websites, apps and games; or program robots and other electronic devices.
Dojos are set up and led by volunteers. In addition to learning to code, members meet like-minded people and share their coolest projects with 'show and tell' sessions.

## Who is it for?

Anyone with some experience of coding (HTML/CSS) and the enthusiasm to share their knowledge with the next generation!

## Your role:

Being a Dojo: supporting young people ages 7 to 17. Typical activities include Scratch, Raspberry Pi projects, Web page design (HTML/CSS), robotics, Python programming, Unity game development and mobile app development & prototyping.

## Where do they take place?

STEM outreach room on Penrhyn Road Campus at Kingston University.

## When:
- 12 January
- 09 February
- 23 March
- 11 May
- 15 June
*Sessions run from 2:00-4:30pm*

## Training:

The programme is run by a experienced coder called Peter Wolf. On your first session you will need to arrive at 1:15pm (45 minutes earlier) to join in to the briefing and to get oriented. You will receive all the information you need then.thus
12th January, 09th February, 23rd March, 11th May, 15th June (2:00-4:30pm) Training provided at 1:15pm on your first session
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